The Fortuna Business Improvement District is currently in transition. The City terminated its contract with the non-profit upon the resignation of its board members and dissolution of the nonprofit corporation. The City of Fortuna is currently considering options of how best to fulfill the purposes of FBID in Fiscal Year 2022-2023.  The City Council will be meeting in early August to decide how that will be accomplished and will continue to seek input from the City’s businesses throughout this transition.  The two options being considered are having City staff take on the duties of FBID or contracting with the Fortuna Chamber of Commerce to complete specific tasks to fulfill the purpose of FBID.


For those businesses paying their assessments for Fiscal Year 2022-2023, please be assured that the City will use the assessed funds in the manner for which they were intended, once the City Council decides how best to proceed.   Again, the input and involvement of our City’s businesses is critical.  The FBID was established to benefit our City’s businesses and requires their input and support to succeed.


For questions or to obtain information on the status of the BID, please contact City of Fortuna City Manager at (707) 725-7600 or  email