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Frequently Asked Questions

Fortuna Business Improvement District (FBID)

How do I obtain a business license in Fortuna?

You can obtain your Fortuna business license by filling out an application at Fortuna City Hall,

  621  11th Street, Fortuna, CA, 95540.


After the Planning Division approves the application, the Finance Department will issue the license. Please reach out to the City of Fortuna for questions related to your business license at 707-725-7600.

What is FBID?

The Fortuna Business Improvement District (FBID) is a California non-profit 501c(4) organization that operates under contract with the City of Fortuna.


FBID's has four main functions:

(1)  Community communication to build awareness and reach necessary demographics in order to promote Fortuna and it's businesses.

(2) Promote and advertise for community events through mediums such as banners, press releases, meetings, ad campaigns, and social media.

(3) Provide and share information and educational opportunities to Fortuna businesses.

(4) Assist businesses with recruitment, retention, relocation, expansion, and downsizing.

What is the difference between FBID and The Chamber of Commerce?

The Fortuna Business Improvement District facilitates economic development and growing new business. For more information please refer to our Member Benefits Page and our History page.

The Fortuna Chamber of Commerce facilitates networking and building relationships between business owners within the community. The Fortuna Business Improvement District brings new members to the community through business recruitment and retention. The Fortuna Chamber of Commerce connects members through weekly chamber meetings, monthly meetings, and occasional workshops.

 Fortuna Chamber of Commerce is a membership organization of individuals and businesses who join together to enhance economic growth through the promotion and support of our community, civic interests, and member businesses. For more information on becoming a Fortuna Chamber Member, visit one of their weekly meetings at the Fortuna Monday Club or contact the Chamber office:

 (707) 725-3959 Toll free: (800) 426-8166

Is FBID part of the City of Fortuna?

No, FBID is not a department of the City of Fortuna. However, the FBID couldn’t exist without an agreement and partnership between the City of Fortuna and Fortuna’s business community.  FBID was created by a city ordinance in 1990 that allows for a public-private partnership between the businesses and the city.  FBID's promotional; event and business recruitment activities are funded by an assessment on business licenses and a 100 percent match by the City of Fortuna.

Is FBID the Downtown Business Association?

Yes and No.  No, because the Downtown Business Association has their own separate committees and officers.  Yes, because FBID represents all licensed businesses in Fortuna and serves them in a number of ways.  The Fortuna Downtown Business Association is a subgroup of FBID. Downtown businesses are part of an FBID “core” area that receives part of their assessment and city matching funds back for their own marketing purposes.  The Redwood Village Merchants Association is the other FBID “core” area with their own association.

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