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Fortuna Business Improvement District works with Fortuna's 500+ Business owners, in partnership with the City of Fortuna. We are only completely effective with support and new ideas from Fortuna businesses; home-based, citywide, and Fortuna's three core areas.

FBID oversees the three core areas that are merchants association to create positive economic change; Downtown Business Association, Redwood Village Merchants Association, and the Strongs Creek Plaza Association. We achieve this by presenting a proactive, cohesive image of integrity, value, and service through the promotion of community events, business recruitment/relocation & retention, and the provision of effective public relations, advertising, and information services.  

Fortuna has three core areas that manage a portion of its FBID assessments with oversight and support from the Fortuna Business Improvement District. In addition to the citywide promotion that FBID does, three core areas pay additional assessments and receive funds back to promote their own areas. The Fortuna Downtown Business Association, the Redwood Village Merchants Association, and the Strongs Creek Plaza Association areas hold retail events and advertise as a group to drive sales in their districts.

The Fortuna Downtown Business Association consists of all business license holders from N Street to L Street and Main Street from 7th Street to 14th Street. The Redwood Village Merchants  Association and the Strongs Creek Plaza Association are all business owners in their own shopping center. 

The Fortuna Downtown Business Association, Redwood Village Merchants Association, the Strongs Creek Plaza Association, City Wide & Home-Based business

assessments are to be used for community events, marketing, promotion, public decoration, entertainment, and more.

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Partnerships are key to grow our business community organically. The business improvement district is the connector for small businesses, big businesses, businesses looking to expand, relocate, or downsize. 

The Fortuna Business Improvement District has a close working relationship with many organizations to help support and grow our business community.


Our partnerships include but are not limited to; the City of Fortuna, Fortuna Chamber of Commerce, hospitality organizations, commercial property owners, realtors, business owners, economic development leaders county-wide,  business support services, service organizations, etc. We act as a liaison for our community. We build relationships and strive to cultivate and organically grow our locals business community. 

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The FBID office works with local businesses as a public relations agency for the business community of Fortuna. In this role, the office sends local, regional, and national media press releases for the following: Community event information as needed by event committees, Business Briefs, General business news & Event news. FBID invites the media to community events and works to get positive exposure to Fortuna, as well as our business community. 



FBID puts out quarterly news briefs and/or newsletters as a way to communicate with our members.  As pressing or important information comes to the FBID office we send email news blasts and newsletters. Pressing information includes; highlighting local businesses, community events, business services, and/or community support. Other updates include meetings, classes, seminars, events, and any other information from our partners that can benefit businesses.



We share information with our small businesses from the North Coast Small Business Development Center,  the Fortuna Chamber of Commerce, and organizations like the Headwaters Fund.  FBID works with these organizations and other non-profit organizations, to share information with our Fortuna small businesses. In the past FBID hosted seminars on topics that might include speakers from afar, and all businesses in Humboldt County would benefit.


The business improvement district is partnering with the City of Fortuna, on a cannabis workshop, for our business community and residents. The feedback will allow a conversation with the industry to help Fortuna find the right fit for regulations for our community. 

FBID is looking for opportunities to serve your business. If you feel your business is underserved please reach out to our office with classes and/or workshop ideas. 



One of FBID’s roles has been to assist with community events. FBID uses events as a way to leverage advertising and press coverage about Fortuna’s business community. FBID continues to offer grant funding to community events that meet our criteria. As events mature, FBID gives community events logistics and public relations support after grant funds are phased out. Some events use FBID’s event liability insurance policy, but this is under certain circumstances, decided by the FBID board and the insurance policy underwriters.  

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