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FBID 2020-2021 Workplan

The FBID fiscal year 2020-2021 work-plan will focus on recovery from the recession-related to the economic impact of Covid-19. FBID received a grant from the Humboldt Lodging Alliance Covid-19 Reaction Campaign to help market our community for tourism, business recruitment & retention. Below is the 2020-2021 Work-plan based on guidelines outlined in the grant to give direction to staff. 



FBID will continue a cohesive partnership with the City of Fortuna and our Fortuna business community. FBID has spent the last year rebuilding and partnering with the City of Fortuna to help with the success of our Fortuna business community. This year FBID will help the City of Fortuna and our businesses with the COVID Emergency Loan Fund. FBID will also help the City with the business component and as a public relations person for the Cannabis workshop hosted in Fortuna. 


Annual Meeting

FBID will still host our Annual Meeting as a pre-recorded presentation posted on our website. After watching the FBID virtual presentation, business owners can email/call the staff & board questions, give feedback, suggestions, and hold FBID accountable.


Fortuna Shop Local with Fortuna Bucks

Fortuna Gift Certificates: FBID is working on a new program to change "Fortuna Bucks." While the program is created, FBID will continue to redeem Fortuna Bucks and keep financials on certificates.


Marketing Fortuna

We will create digital ads, logos, social media ads, and more to promote Fortuna and our COVID 19 Reaction campaign. FBID Staff will book content, manage the campaign, purchase and distribute gift certificates/baskets, facilitate give-a-ways, and provide content and contacts for questions related to the Fortuna COVID 19 reaction campaign. October 2020 - March 2021, FBID will promote Fortuna from San Francisco, California, to Grants Pass, Oregon, and Coos Bay, Oregon, to Redding & Red Bluff, California.  


Bulk Mail

Continue to make the FBID's Bulk Mailing privileges available to all Fortuna businesses. FBID will send an informational email and print piece informing businesses what the bulk mail is and the service we have to offer.


Core Areas

Board Representatives should attend monthly meetings of the areas in which they represent. If a board representative cannot participate in a meeting, they need to schedule a City-Wide at Large Representative as they're alternate. The Executive Director should be the alternate for the City-Wide at Large Representative. 

  1. Board Representatives to assist members in the Core Areas 
    1. Downtown Business Association
    2. Redwood Village Shopping Center Merchant Association

    3. Strongs Creek Plaza Association. 

      1. FBID office to provide insurance coverage for promotional activities

      2. Board Directors will help the association facilitate an annual budget and provide financials to FBID board meetings.

      3. FBID staff/board will help guide core areas as needed and be a tool for community events, promotions, and marketing the three associations.


Public Decoration

  1. FBID will act as a scheduling authority and design review for street light vertical banners as outlined in policies drafted in 07-08 and the City of Fortuna's agreement. 

  2. Schedule most of the Fortuna event banners to go on the light poles and pending a location. If the city can secure a different place for the across the street banner, FBID will schedule the across the street banners with city staff. 

  3. FBID holds the liability insurance for the banners & has the master schedule.

  4. FBID also schedules the install date and take down dates. We store the holiday decor, lighted candy canes, Santa & Mail Box (letters to Santa), and new decor for the Fortuna Downtown Business Association.


Community Events

FBID Staff and Board of Directors will assist their representative areas with community events that fall in their district. As content is provided to FBID, Staff will send out press releases, post on social media, and send informational email news blitzes. If the Board Director is unable to assist with their representative events, the alternate shall step up.


FBID has established seed money in several Fortuna events, hoping these events will bring new members to our community to dine, shop, stay, and explore, to plant new money in our town. 


Below are annual events FBID has assisted with financially or physically in the past (some we still help with):

1. 9/11 Event

2. Apple Harvest

3. Art and Wine in the Park

4. AutoXpo

5. Bridal Fair

6. Christmas Music Festival

7. City Wide Yard Sale

8. Daffodil Days

9. Downtown and core area trick-or-treating

10. Downtown Merchant Open House

11. Farmers Market

12. Fortuna Concert Series 

13. Fortuna High School Homecoming

14. Garden Club Home Tour and Holiday Tea

15. Grave Matters

16. Holiday Movies 

17. Home-based Business Expo

18. Hops in Humboldt

19. Redwood Village Host the Al Gray Electric Lighted Parade

20. River Lodge Craft Fair

21. Rodeo

22. Shop Fortuna

23. Shop Small Saturday 

24. Strongs Creek Plaza Open House

25. Workshops and Seminars


Other Roles for the BID:

FBID Staff will continue to apply for grants, seek funding, grow community partnerships, and will continue to be a leader for the Fortuna business community at the local and regional levels. 

This work plan is a guide for the FBID board and staff. If your business would like to FBID office to do something new, please reach out to the staff.

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